Here’s a few frequently asked questions:

Do I need to sign a waiver?
Yes, a liability release form must be filled out and signed before you can skate. If you are under 18 then you will need to have a parent present OR have the waiver notarized.
Click here to download the Skate Barn Release Agreement (Waiver).

Are pads required?
Helmets are required for all skaters under the age of 21. No exceptions. If you are asked to wear your helmet and refuse you will be asked to leave the park. Helmets can be rented for $3 per day.

Do you offer skate lessons ?
Yes we offer private skate lessons for $30 per hour (or $50 for two hours). The lessons take place before or after business hours. You are one-on-one with an instructor and you get the entire skatepark to yourself. Call Doublewide to schedule a lesson! (910)270-3640

Can I rent out the skatepark and how much does it cost?
The Skate Barn can be rented for private sessions/parties before or after our usual business hours. The price is $40 per hour. Please contact our skate shop (Doublewide) to book a party (910-270-3497). A $20 non-refundable deposit is required.

Do you sell skateboard supplies?
Doublewide Skate & Surf is conveniently located in front of the Skate Barn. We stock a ton of boards and accessories there, along with clothing and shoes. Make sure to check out the shop if you come to the park!

Do you sell food and drink and can we bring our own?
Yes, sell water, sodas, Gatorade and various snacks. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks.

Do you allow BMX bikes?
No, unfortunately we can not allow BMX bikes at this time.

Are there certain times for beginners only?
Yes, every Saturday from 11am-12pm is our beginners only session.

Contact us if you have any other questions.
Park Phone: 910-270-3497
Shop Phone: 910-270-3640